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Want to get involved in a YA anthology?

We still have two more opportunities to get involved in young adult anthologies in 2018—Cinderella and villains!

Here’s what you need to know:


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You’re welcome to submit to one or all three of our anthologies for 2018. Each anthology will be hosted by K.M. Robinson and published through Crescent Sea Publishing.

Scroll down to learn more about each individual anthology

Cinderella is one of the most retold stories ever,

which means we’re not just looking for any old Cinderella story.

We want your most unique, most twisted, most never-before-seen

versions of this classic tale. Think fantasy, sci fi, contemporary, etc

Our readers have been there and seen that, so our goal is to make this the most unique compilation of Cinderella stories out there.

The more unique you can make your story, the better, because no two stories in this collection will be “too similar.” Only ten will be selected.

Please remember, while you are writing, stay away from anything that is too close to infringing on Disney copyright.

We’re going WAY beyond a normal anthology with this collection. Please keep reading to learn about our World Portals, extras, bonuses, and to read more about the legal stuff for participants.

Word Count: 7,000-30,000 words

(Preference given to longer stories)

Submission Date: June 8, 2018

Publishing Date: Aug 2018

Seven Ways To Say Cinderella:

A Cinderella Retelling Anthology

We all love a good villain. Let’s face it, heroes are so boring.

It’s time to let evil shine through.

Whether you are telling a story from the villains perspective, or showing us how the world got it wrong and the villain wasn’t actually the villain,

we want your dark stories.

We’re picking ten unique retellings focusing on classic villains.

The more twisted, the better!

Please remember though, we can’t accept anything that is too close to infringing on Disney’s copyright (meaning you can write about the sea witch, but you can’t write about Ursula)

We’re going WAY beyond a normal anthology with this collection. Please keep reading to learn about our World Portals, extras, bonuses, and to read more about the legal stuff for participants.

Word Count: 7,000-20,000 words

(Preference given to longer stories)

Submission Date: July 6, 2018

Publishing Date: Oct 2018

Blood From A Stone:

A Villains Retelling Anthology

What We Provide

For each anthology, we’re creating custom covers (no icky stock photos involved)

I’m a professional photographer and designer,

so a ton of time and attention

goes into each custom curated cover.


Each anthology will have it’s own subdomain all about the stories and authors.

Each individual story will have it’s own world portal for fans to dive deeper into the story.


I’m all about bonuses, so each anthology will have a unique set of bonuses for fans (and authors!) I can’t tell you anything more until you’re officially part of the club, but let’s just say it’s MAJOR. Remember, you’re talking to the girl who creates fine art composite photos,

designs Facebook messenger bots,

creates graphics and websites, and is teaching herself digital art, augmented reality,

and video game design for fun.


What is expected of Participants

Your submission will be read by our team and if you are chosen, we’ll reach out to you within two weeks.

Once you’re in, the real fun begins!

Your story will then be sent to our editing team for revisions. Don’t worry, we’re just making sure there are not grammar mistakes or loose ends

Turn in your completed submission by the listed dates. Have it as polished as possible.


Stories are required to be exclusive to the anthology for six months. After this, you can publish it as a short story, but it will also remain inside the anthology.

(No, it can not have been

published previously)

All authors will be required to fill out an informational form to help give me necessary info to create the World Portals for each story on the website

We will be hosting release day activities

that all participating authors will be required to be involved in.

There will be lots of opportunities to get involved in the week surrounding launch day, including a live party, Twitter chats, social media scavenger hunts, etc

Each anthology will have it’s own set of anthology-specific marketing events to participate in.

Our goal is to have a super involved group of authors who bring added bonuses and face time to the table for our readers.

We feel that it’s very important that our authors are available to support our readers. We don’t just want to make fans, we want to make friends, because when friendships are formed, fans feel responsible for helping with your success, which means they’ll work hard to help us promote our books.

This means we’re looking for authors who are active on social media and ready to make new connections

to gain new readers.

We also want a great group of authors that can work together, become friends, and support each other long after the anthology has been published.

What You Bring To The Table

When you submit your story, we want to know what else you bring to the table.

What can you do to help promote this anthology?

Remember, I’m already doing the cover, formatting, handling the editing team, creating the website and world portals, organizing the parties, creating marketing graphics, doing customized bookstagram photos,

handling the publication of both the ebook and printed book,

and taking care of a ton of bonuses that I can’t tell you about yet...

But I’m not the only one here.

I want you to shine too!

So what talents/abilities can you bring along to help us out and do something for the team?

This isn’t a sit-back-and-watch-someone-else-handle-the-party kind of event.

We want you to jump in and join the fun!


Will we be running ads?

Yes, I’m a big fan of ads. Once inside the group, each anthology will be responsible for going in together to purchase a few ads. While the majority of our marketing efforts will be cost-free marketing, please make sure you budget $25 to go in on a few ads. If you want to donate more, that’s awesome. The group will discuss and decide together which ads we will book.

What is required for the World Portals?

World Portals will revolve around the story you create and will give fans a deeper look at what you have written. Each author will fill out a form to give me details about their story, additional behind the scenes, character descriptions for fan art, and any bonus content that you can give me. The more in depth we can go, the better.

What will I have to do for the bonuses?

The majority of the bonuses will be created by me, but we will put out an open call for authors to contribute to the bonuses. We’re planning preorder bonuses for fans, special giveaways, contests, etc to build up our marketing. These things will typically be cost-free and I have a ton of resources to help you create these bonuses.

Will these be in print or just ebook?

The anthologies will be in both print and ebook and will be distributed wide.

How will we be paid?

Once we receive the royalty payments, the funds will be split equally and sent to each author through Paypal.

How much does it cost to participate?

We’re asking for $25 from each participant to help cover the cost of the cover, website, graphic design, marketing, editing, formatting, etc. We’re also asking for $25 toward the cost of ads for the release. So $50 total to participate, though you’re welcome to donate more so that we can book more ads and do more creative things.

How long will we be required to market after the anthology is released?

We ask that all authors actively market through their social media for a minimum of one month after release so that we get the best initial sales that we can get!

You’ll get a marketing plan when we send you your acceptance (aka before you officially sign on)

Will the release date change?

Only if we all happen to be rocking people who get stuff done super early. If everyone handles their part of the deal and the anthology is ready to go early and everyone is on board, I have no problem bumping up the release and using it as a surprise marketing tactic. I definitely released a short story once with zero warning and did so well because of all the chatter I got about the surprise release, that I was #1 in all of my categories and super high in the main store.

Ready to Submit?

Okay, you’re ready to go. You want to jump in.

Here’s what to do next:

*Fill out this Google form to let us know you’re interested. If you have a vague idea on your topic, tell us as much as you can. This way, if two of you are too close, we can reach out and mention you might want to add a little twist to make it stand out and shine (and help your chances of making it into the anthology!)


Then, as soon as you’re ready, send in your submission.

The earlier you send it in, the easier it is for us to get through all of the submissions in a timely fashion.


If you have questions, email K.M. Robinson and I’ll get back to you ASAP

>>>EMAIL K.M.<<<

We can’t wait to see your submissions! This is going to be an awesome set of anthologies!

Be sure to share with your friends so they can join in too!

Best wishes and happy writing!

Stay inspired,

-K.M. Robinson

+ massive amounts of marketing materials and release week events

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